How Do I Switch Web Hosting Providers?

How Do I Switch Web Hosting Providers?

As a personal website owner, I constantly switch web hosting providers, especially when a new service launches a new plan. It’s the only way I can tell which one works for me.

Not so for other personal webmasters though, including some of the most popular tech bloggers. What happens to them, you might ask. Well, the website owners seem to hate switching services, and it’s a bit different with them.

One blogger explained that, “My business site has evolved, I haven’t been able to switch my web hosting company since 2005. They know me by name (there’s a promotion that gives free hosting for a year every month, and then you upgrade to the premium package. I’ve had no issue in switching web hosts once).”

Another blogger confessed that he hasn’t found a web hosting company that’s fit for him, and that it’s been frustrating. He told me, “Web hosting services seem like the one service that everybody has to have, like health insurance. I’m afraid if I switch web hosting companies I might lose my audience. When one company changes their prices or changes their terms, I don’t want to do business with them. But I hate the feeling that I’m losing out on potential business.”

One blogger called himself “frustrated and confused” when he found that a web host has stopped working with him, and that he has no way of switching it out. When I asked him if switching web hosts would hurt his business he seemed quite sure it wouldn’t.

“This happened to me this week. I was trying to upgrade a couple of servers and the hosting company I’ve been working with for 5 years kept charging me the same thing, no matter what I did. Then I found out that the hoster was shutting down their servers and that was going to put them out of business. The next day the email service stopped working and wouldn’t let me change my web host. I tried and tried to change my hosting to another host but nothing was working. I’m frustrated, confused, and disappointed.”

My Final Thoughts

As I discussed, web hosting is an important part of my business, so I’m sure there’s a good reason why more and more people switch out their web hosting providers. I’m sure there’s a good reason too, and I’m sure I can find a good one for each blogger and personal webmaster I’ve read about here and there.

Instead of dreading the new web hosting plans, I recommend that you find out what kind of web hosting plan is right for you. Make sure you check out the basic details: how much it costs, the cost per GB, monthly charges, hardware requirements, hardware upgrades and other details to make sure it’s actually the right fit for your business. I would suggest getting this information from the host you’re considering signing up with, and only switch if it’s a good fit for your business.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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